Stamps can save your business a significant amount of time. You can instantly press the same signature over and over again onto documents, rather than sign each one by hand. You can label shipping boxes with a quick stamp or add a personalised touch to envelopes to new customers. A stamp allows you to impress a clear image and/or text onto nearly anything, branding your business effectively.

However, a workman is only as good as his tools. Take your stamping to the next level when you buy a self inking stamp. These specially designed tools refresh the ink on their own, ensuring that your stamp will always deliver a dark and clear design. It is frustrating to use a stamp and realise too late that there was not enough ink. Now you are left with a faded, hard to read stamp. Trying to stamp again on top of it is nearly impossible. Placing the stamp even the slightest bit off-center results in a blurry double image.

The easy solution to getting clear images is to buy a self inking stamp. At Stamp Lab, we offer a selection of self inking stamps for your business needs. We carry Colop’s line of Microban stamps. They are not only self inking, but they are made of an anti-microbial material that is known to reduce germs and bacteria around the office efficiently. If more than one person uses the stamp, which is usually the case, it can be an excellent hygienic purchase.

November 14, 2018 — Dylan Gow