Printy Stamps

A versatile self-inking stamps that deliver exceptional quality and strong impressions, all housed in a compact plastic design.

Heavy Duty Stamps

Durable stamps designed for heavy use, guaranteeing sharp and clear impressions every time.

Custom Date and Number Stamps

Versatile custom stamps allowing date and number adjustments for organised, consistent marking; perfect for documentation and record-keeping tasks.

Handheld Printers

Innovative e-mark handheld printers: portable, digital solutions for on-the-go custom prints, revolutionizing traditional stamping with tech-forward design and precision.


Customise on-the-go with DIY Stamps. Self-inking design with interchangeable characters. Create and modify text whenever you need.

Embossing Stamps

Elevate documents with a tactile, sophisticated touch, creating lasting impressions on official papers, invitations, and more. Stand out with elegance.

Traditional Stamps

Traditional band stamps: Time-honoured design meets reliable stamping, ideal for consistent impressions with a classic, hands-on touch.