You can use personalised heavy duty stamps can for many branding opportunities for your business. You can use a custom-made stamp to create branded stationery, which is often significantly cheaper than paying to print company stationery. Add the stamp to a blank postcard or an envelope to add the company’s touch to mailing material. Make shipping boxes pop with a colour stamped logo or message to your customer. Include a bit of branding at an event, stamping the gift bags or table place cards. Make a business card vibrant with colour. Stamp the back of a product price tag to make the label more eye-catching.

There are so many uses for heavy duty stamps; the only real limit is your imagination. When you buy heavy duty stamps through Stamp Lab, we ensure that you are receiving quality stamps. Our products are made in-house, and most stamps come with a minimum 5,000 impression guarantee.

Designing your custom stamp is easy. You can upload images and even custom fonts you want us to use. Our staff knows the products well and can quickly answer any question you may have. Our selection of stamps includes a variety of brands and stamp options, from a signature stamp to a stamp specially designed for large items like tables. We can guide you in finding the perfect stamp for your business’ needs. Soon you can begin stamping various items while branding your business well.

November 14, 2018 — Dylan Gow