Embosser jaws need precise alignment for the die-plates to create a proper impression. Once set, they're unchangeable. If embossing labels, orientation isn't crucial. But, for direct embossing, the impression location matters due to the jaws' limited reach.

Orientation Options for Your Embosser:

  1. Left of Page: Ideal when you intend to place the embossed impression along the left margin or side of the paper.

  2. Right of Page: Chosen for impressions situated on the right margin or edge of the document.

  3. Top of Page: Perfect for impressions desired on the top margin or header of your sheet.

  4. Bottom of Page: Best for those who wish their impressions to appear at the bottom margin or footer of the paper.

Selecting the correct orientation ensures your embossed mark appears precisely where you envision it on your document.