How do I know if I'm ordering the right ink pad?

The first step to identifying the correct replacement ink pad is to pop out the original pad and take a look at the base,  almost all stamp manufacturers will imprint the stamp pad plastic body with the ink pad product code, flipping the pad and reading the back usually gives the accurate pad ID.
See the example below: Trodat 6/4925
How to Identify the correct Replacement ink pad
Stamp manufacturers often use the same ink pad in multiple product lines, for example, the Trodat 6/4913 ink pad fit the Trodat Printy 4913,  the Trodat 4953 and the Imprint 3 models.
To add to the confusion stamps are often rebranded and sold under a different name, take the IDEAL brand stamp early units were rebranded Shiny and Colop stamps the company has since sold to Trodat and now IDEAL stamps are re-branded Trodat units, typically the stamp body is rebranded however the pad is overlooked,  flipping the pad will usually give you the most accurate Identification.
If you are unsure of the ink pad you require you are welcome Contact Us, we are happy to help.