So, you’re thinking of starting a small home business, and you want to have brochures printed; you’ll also need to have labels made for various products. Also, every company needs their name and logo printed on business cards, stationary, and envelopes. When you start looking at prices for each of these, you quickly realise how expensive it is to buy these items individually.

To have these items printed usually means ordering large quantities and the volume required can be too large for a young business, or perhaps you want to keep the business small and therefore have no need for large quantities of items printed with your logo. You should consider buying personalised stamps and start using it to print your logo on whatever you desire!

Buy Business Stamps to Promote Your Brand

Stamps are especially useful for small businesses looking to keep the “feel” of their business personal. Many home businesses cater to a niche market and don’t want their product labels or brochures to feel mass produced. Keep things personalised and negate the big market feel for your small business by using stamps made from your designs.

These personalised stamps can be used to stamp your logo on business cards, merchandise packaging, envelopes or product labels. You can even have stamps created that have an ingredient list or how-to instructions on them. Larger companies have the ability and finances to produce brochures and labels professionally; however, for a small start-up, this could be out of the budget. If you buy personalised stamps, it can be a cost-effective way to create your labels. You can get your company’s logo on a stamp and use it to build the brand by stamping stationery, business cards, envelopes, brochures, product labels and whatever else you may need. The more exposure you create for your logo, the more brand recognition is established for your new business.

Stamps are an Investment in Your Business

When starting out, most companies know they need to make investments to appear proficient. Larger companies spend thousands, if not more, on expensive furniture for elaborate office buildings, but a small business run from home often doesn’t have a physical space where customers spend time. Usually, the small business is “seen” by the materials you send out. As a result, you need these items to appear polished, consistent and professional.

Maintaining a quality appearance builds trust with potential customers or clients. One of the smallest things you can buy to improve your business’s image is a stamp of your company logo. It’s an investment that can significantly impact your efficiency, brand recognition and therefore, your company’s future.

At Stamp Lab, we’d like to help build your brand. You can design your stamp online, or give us a call and we will be glad to assist you. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied not only with our service but also with our products. Each stamp comes with a 12 month or 3-year warranty, and some of our heavy-duty stamps have a minimum 50,000 image guarantee. These assurances go beyond what stamp manufacturers usually offer as our goal is to set ourselves apart from the rest and to exceed your expectations. Give us a call today. We’d love the opportunity to make a custom stamp to help your small business thrive.

July 05, 2018 — Dylan Gow