Do your employees often complain about how much repetitive writing they do? Do your hands get tired of writing something repeatedly? Does your signature become less legible as the day progresses because you have signed your name on scores of dotted lines? Not to worry – the Stamp Lab can help.

The Stamp Lab was established in 2014. We offer fast, friendly, accurate, and efficient services so that your business stays on track. Just place your order online, and if completed by 3 pm on any weekday, we usually ship your order that same business day! Once the order ships, we’ll send an email with tracking information, and typically expect your package to arrive in under a week. Depending on the location your order is shipped to, some may take up to 11 business days to arrive. To meet your needs as well as possible, we ship from Queensland via Australia Post, TNT, or Startrack.

Keep Documents Uniform with an Address Stamp

Have you ever had business documents end up with the wrong address stated for your business? How much time, frustration and money did that small, yet significant, error cost you? It’s so easy for employees to transpose numbers or write the wrong address by mistake, especially when they are in a rush or are on autopilot from handwriting a plethora of documents. By purchasing an address stamp, you will make employees lives easier and improve the quality and consistency of the content produced from your business.

With a stamp, your address will be consistently correct. By eliminating mistakes, you save valuable time with items that could otherwise be lost in transit because of incorrect, incomplete, or missing information. A clear and correct address stamp can save significant amounts of time and money, especially if it keeps you from having to express post items because incorrect addressing resulted in delays or missing items.

Legibility in Business is Key

Address and number stamps help keep the text legible so all parties can read the documents. Since everyone has different styles of handwriting, this can make it challenging to decipher what’s been written on documents, especially when the person writing has had to make the same annotation many times in a short period. With repetitive writing, the person’s hand becomes tired, they risk complacency, and often write on autopilot, no longer paying attention to detail. The more time that passes, the less decipherable handwriting becomes.

A large stamp with an address or numbers keeps everything uniform and legible so your prospective or current clients can quickly read what is sent to them. Legibility is crucial in business because it reduces costly mistakes and results in customers having a more professional assessment of your staff and your business.

You can quickly design your large stamp online. If we don’t offer the font you’d like, simply send us the link to where you found a font available for free commercial use, and we will use it to create your stamp. You can also call us if you’d like help designing the item you are envisioning, but aren’t sure how to bring it to fruition. Feel free to call our friendly and professional staff today; we’ll get your business on track with high-quality stamps enabling the production of legible, uniform, and accurate documents.

November 14, 2018 — Dylan Gow