Justices of the Peace Can Reflect Their Professionalism with JP Stamps


As a Justice of the Peace, you play a significant role in your community. You spend your day witnessing and signing important legal documents that can affect people’s lives. It is not a responsibility you take lightly.

One simple way to showcase your professionalism is using JP stamps. This personalised stamp has a written message on it, allowing you to place text onto the document quickly. A stamp allows you to place your official approval on a document every time perfectly. It is much more reliable than handwriting your consent every time. Sometimes the pen slips or the message becomes smudged. Or a long day at the office results in a misspelling or other error. A stamp alleviates these human errors, allowing you to sign the document perfectly every time.

You can enjoy an extensive collection of JP stamps to choose from at Stamp Lab. We offer a basic signature stamp, which is made by scanning your original signature and creating a stamp based on it. You can also choose a stamp that includes text stating you certify this document to be accurate and authentic, with space for the date to be marked. Whatever type of stamp you want, you can find it in our selection.

A stamp can save you time if you sign documents regularly. A quick stamp is much more efficient than writing out your signature every time. It also brings forth an extra level of professionalism to those using your services.

November 14, 2018 — Dylan Gow