A customised stamp is a great tool for your business. It allows you to keep consistent branding across documents, stamping your company logo and up to ten lines of text onto documents. You can stamp nearly anything, from envelopes sent out to current or potential customers to packaging in the warehouse before the shipment goes out. The stamp adds professionalism, consistency, and legitimacy to your business in the eyes of your clients. Paid stamps can be a great branding tool to take your business’ public relations to the next level.

Finding the best-paid stamps can be a challenge. Because there are many options; it can be difficult picking the best one for your unique needs. The staff at Stamp Labs is happy to assist you in your search.

Founded in 2015, we wanted to offer government sectors, law enforcement agencies, event planners, office managers, all types of organisations quality products to make their workday somewhat easier. We provide top-rate stamp products for your unique business needs (one of our stamps can even make 50,000 impressions before requiring a re-ink!)

Our products can be highly personalised with your company logo and up to ten lines of text. You can use custom fonts or scan an image of your handwriting to make a signature stamp. Each stamp is carefully made in-house in a professional and timely matter. We know stamps well and know our products well, allowing us to answer any questions you may have and direct you to the best stamp option for your situation.

November 14, 2018 — Dylan Gow