As a business owner or manager, you will sign hundreds of documents in your career. Employee time cards, business deals, shipping orders, and other types of documents may require your signature before they can be official. While it may not seem like a quick signature takes time, over the course of your career this process will consume precious time you could spend doing other activities.

A signature stamp allows you to officially sign documents with a quick stamp of approval rather than writing out your full name. It gives a perfect signature every time. No more reprinting a document because your hand slipped or you accidentally grabbed a red pen instead of a black one. You can instantly sign the paper and get right back to leading your organisation, making the request for a signature unobtrusive.

A signature stamp can be especially helpful when you are facing a large stack of papers to sign in one sitting. Making a repetitive motion of signing your name over and over can be tiring on your hand (even resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome). Using a signature stamp is the most effortless way to sign papers.

At Stamp Lab, we offer an extensive selection of quality stamp options for your business. You can upload an image of your signature, and we will transfer it to the stamp of your choice. Our stamps create clear and crisp images, allowing your documents to retain their professional quality while saving you time.

November 14, 2018 — Dylan Gow