Colop Stamp Pad Micro 1 - 90 x 50mm

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5000 impression guarantee

At Stamp Lab, our commitment to quality and value shines through in every product. We understand the significance of a dependable stamp, especially for those crucial tasks. That’s why we confidently offer a 5000 impression guarantee for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase on our standard stamps – when used on paper with the original ink pad.

If you find that your Stamp Lab stamp runs out of ink prematurely within this period, reach out to us. We’ll send over a complimentary replacement ink pad, ensuring you continue to leave a lasting impression.

It's pivotal to mention that this 5000 impression guarantee is specific to standard stamps on paper using the original ink pad. Any usage with specialty or custom inks, or inks not procured from Stamp Lab, falls outside this assurance. Similarly, our guarantee doesn't cover stamps used on non-paper surfaces.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
At Stamp Lab, we're confident in the quality of our Stamps. That's why we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, within the first 30 days of using your subber Stamps, it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll either repair, replace, or offer a refund for your purchase. For any concerns, reach out to us at or call 1300 382 452 to discuss our guarantee with a customer care specialist.

Colop Micro 1 Traditional Stamp Pad - 90 x 50mm

The beauty of stamping lies in its timeless elegance and efficiency, and the Colop Micro 1 Traditional Stamp Pad exemplifies this classic approach. Delve into the world of traditional stamping with this compact and portable stamp pad, ideally sized and designed to provide a crisp and clear impression every time you use it.

The Classic Charm:

The Colop Micro 1 offers the charm of the traditional ink pad, reminiscent of old-school stamping methods. A time when every stamp was a statement, every impression was a mark of authenticity, and every ink pad was a tool of the trade.

Compact and Portable:

Measuring at 90 x 50mm, the size of a credit card, this Traditional Ink Pad is petite yet mighty. Its size makes it incredibly portable and convenient to carry, ensuring that wherever you go, your stamping needs are always met. Whether you're in an office, travelling for business, or working from a remote location, this stamp pad has got you covered.

Durable Design:

Housed in a robust clamshell case, the Colop Micro 1 promises durability. The protective casing ensures that the ink remains fresh, preventing it from drying out while also shielding it from external elements. So, no more worrying about spills or dust affecting your ink's quality.

Perfect for Small Stamps:

Given its compact size, this Ink Tray is an ideal companion for small-sized stamps. Whether you're stamping initials, company logos, or any other petite designs, the Colop Micro 1 ensures a perfect and even ink distribution every single time.

Traditional Meets Modern:

While the Colop Micro 1 echoes a traditional design, it doesn't shy away from the modern-day need for efficiency and quality. The pad is designed to provide a uniform ink distribution, ensuring that every stamp you make is clear, smudge-free, and of the highest quality.

Easy to Refill:

Worried about running out of ink? The Colop Micro 1 Traditional Stamp Pad is easy to refill, ensuring that you can continue using it for years to come. A stamp pad that grows with you and adapts to your ever-evolving stamping needs.

Why Choose the Colop Micro 1?

  1. Traditional Aesthetic: Perfect for those who appreciate the classic look and feel of traditional stamping tools.
  2. Compact Size: Easy to store and transport, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go professionals.
  3. Durable: Built to last, ensuring that you get value for your money.
  4. High-Quality Impressions: Designed to provide clear and crisp stamps every time.

In a world that's increasingly shifting towards digital solutions, there's a unique charm and authenticity to the act of stamping, especially when done using a traditional tool like the Colop Micro 1. It's not just about making an impression; it's about making a statement. And with this Traditional Stamp Pad in your arsenal, you're always ready to leave your mark.

The Colop Micro 1 Traditional Stamp Pad is more than just a stamping accessory. It's a blend of tradition, efficiency, and style. Whether you're a professional needing a stamp for official documents or an artist looking to add a unique touch to your creations, this ink pad promises precision and class. Embrace the timeless elegance of traditional stamping and order your Colop Micro 1 today.