Shiny Extra Long Reach Embossing Stamp

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We're excited to get started on your custom stamp! We accept a wide range of artwork formats to make the process as smooth as possible. Here's what you can upload to help us create your perfect stamp:

  • Design Layouts: Complete designs are fantastic but not required. We can work with what you have!
  • Logos: Including your logo is great for brand recognition.
  • Links: Have your files on Dropbox or another service? Just share the link with us.
  • Brand Guidelines: These help us understand your style and preferences.
  • Name Lists: Lists of names and titles are best submitted as spreadsheets.
  • Sketches: Hand-drawn sketches give us a clear idea of your layout and design preferences.
  • Notes: Brief descriptions or special instructions can point us in the right direction.

Accepted File Types:

  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • EFT
  • WEBP

Preferred File Types:

  • SVG
  • PDF
  • AI
  • EPS

Don't have everything right now? No worries. You can always add files during the proofing process.

Need Help with Your Design?

Don't stress! Our expert designers are here to help create the ideal stamp for you. We won't stop tweaking until you're thrilled with the result. If we need more details from you, we'll reach out to make sure everything is perfect.

Order journey of your Shiny Extra Long Reach Embossing Stamp

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Ordering is quick and hassle-free. Just:

  • Choose your embosser size.
  • Specify the quantity.
  • Upload any pertinent details (e.g., logo, name list, existing stamp photo). Art Guide
  • Check out.

2. Review & Revise:
Within a business day, you'll get a proof for review. Need changes? We're on it until you're entirely pleased.

3. Production & Dispatch:
Approve the design, and we jump into action. If your approval hits our inbox by 3 pm AEST, your stamp is on its way the same day. Approvals after that? It'll ship the next business day.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
At Stamp Lab, we're confident in the quality of our Stamps. That's why we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, within the first 30 days of using your subber Stamps, it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll either repair, replace, or offer a refund for your purchase. For any concerns, reach out to us at or call 1300 382 452 to discuss our guarantee with a customer care specialist.
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Shiny Extra Long Reach Embosser for Foil Labels

Discover the ease and efficiency of the Shiny Extra Long Reach Embosser, specifically designed for custom embossing on our foil labels. This tool is perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to your brand or personal projects. Embracing our tagline, “Premium Stamps, Hassle-Free and Speedy Delivery. That's our promise to you,” we offer an embossing solution that combines quality with convenience.

Product Overview

The Shiny Extra Long Reach Embosser is crafted to apply custom seals effortlessly onto foil labels. It's an ideal tool for enhancing your products, packaging, and more with a unique personalised emboss and elegant touch. This embosser is not intended for direct use on paper, as it is optimised for our specially designed foil labels, known as embossed stickers, foil embossing, embossed labels, and custom embossed stickers.

Custom Design and Features

  • Custom Die Design: Includes a personalised die up to 50 mm round, suitable for logos or text.
  • Extended Reach: With a reach of up to 135mm, this embosser is perfect for applications requiring deeper impressions.
  • Alignment Stoppers: For consistent placement, the embosser includes alignment stoppers that ensure repeatability.
  • Swappable Die Holder: Additional designs can be accommodated with a separately purchasable Swappable Die Holder.

Ordering Process

  1. Upload Your Artwork: Simply upload your design or logo.
  2. Receive a Free Proof: We'll send a free proof showing how your embosser die will look.
  3. Unlimited Revisions: Request changes as needed to perfect your design.
  4. Approval and Dispatch: Once satisfied, approve the design for us to create and dispatch your custom Extra Long Reach Embosser.

Intended Use Clarification

This embosser is specifically designed for use with our foil labels to ensure the best outcomes. Its unique design is not suited for direct application on paper, as it is tailored to create stunning effects on our range of foil labels, ensuring clarity and precision in every impression.

Why Choose the Shiny Extra Long Reach Embosser?

  • Optimised for Foil Labels: Specifically designed for embossing on foil labels for consistent, high-quality results.
  • Customisable: Tailor your embosser with logos or text to reflect your brand or personal style.
  • Depth and Precision: Its extended reach allows for deep and precise impressions.
  • Quality Construction: Durable and reliable, built for long-term use.

The Shiny Extra Long Reach Embosser is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to elevating your branding and personalisation projects. Ideal for those seeking a premium, customisable, and user-friendly embossing solution specifically for foil labels.

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Elevate Your Brand with Stamp Lab Embossers

Discover Stamp Lab's custom embossing stamps, exclusively crafted for use on foil labels. Elevate your packaging and documents with a touch of luxury. Enjoy an easy ordering process, quick dispatch, and designs personalised to your unique style.


What is the best use for these embossers?

Our embossers are specially designed for use with our foil labels, ensuring consistent and high-quality results. While they can technically be used on paper, we've found that results can be inconsistent, even with similar paper weights. Therefore, we strongly recommend using them exclusively with our foil labels for optimal outcomes. Direct use on paper, including card stocks up to 400GSM, is not advised due to the variability in embossing performance. For a flawless finish every time, choose our foil labels.

What types of designs work best with embossers?

For the most effective and visually appealing results, simple and bold designs are ideal when using embossers.

It's important to avoid incorporating fine details, thin lines, or small elements in your design. This is because the embossing process involves deforming the media into a negative space created by a positive die. If the design elements are too small or detailed, the pressing die may not deform the material sufficiently to leave a clear impression. Similarly, if elements are too close together, the negative spaces can merge, resulting in a loss of detail and a blurred effect. Therefore, for a crisp and distinct embossed result, opt for designs that are uncomplicated and uncluttered.