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Noris #325 Textile Ink 50ml

Noris #325 Textile Ink 50ml

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#325 ink is made for marking natural textiles (not suitable for synthetics).
Will Not wash out if boiled, washing, or bleaching. Especially suitable for use in self-inkers.
The materials must be washed first to remove starch from manufacturing, otherwise, the ink will disappear when washed.


  • 50ml
  • Black
  • Alcohol-based
  • For use in self-inker
  • Suitable for textiles (Natural Fibers only, NOT Synthetics)
  • Drying time: 60 seconds


Natural Textiles (NOT synthetics) including: 
   • Canvas           • Carpet Backing
   • Cloth               • Cotton Felt
   • Cotton            • Gloves
   • Shirts              • Linen
   • Uniforms         • Clothes
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