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  • Shiny Ink Pad For E-908

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    by Shiny
    SKU: D_SY_01_E-908-7

    Shiny Replacement Ink Pad Product Code 908-7 and 918-7

    Use genuine Shiny replacement pads and inks for maximum service life and no hassle easy fit. The Direct replacement Shiny 908-7 Replacement Ink Pad designed to get you back stamping sooner.

    Shiny 908-7 Replacement Ink Pads designed to fit the following Shiny stamp models
    • E-908 Self-Inking Stamp
    • E-908DD Self-Inking Double Date Stamp
    • E-918 Self-Inking Date Stamp
    • E-918DR Self-Inking Date Right Stamp
    • E-918DL Self-Inking Date Left Stamp
    • E-918NN Self-Inking Double Number Stamp
    • E-918NR Self-Inking Number Right Stamp
    • E-918NL Self-Inking Double Number Left Stamp
    • E-9416 Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • E-9416/PL Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • E-9418 Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • E-91806 Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • E-91808 Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • E-9418/PL Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • H-6008 Self-Inking Stamp
    • H-6108 Self-Inking Date Stamp
    • H-61806 Self-Inking Date Stamp
    • H-61808 Self-Inking Date Stamp
    • H-6118DD Self-Inking Double Date Stamp
    • H-6118DR Self-Inking Date Right Stamp
    • H-6118DL Self-Inking Date Left Stamp
    • H-6118NN Self-Inking Double Number Stamp
    • H-6118NR Self-Inking Number Right Stamp
    • H-618NL Self-Inking Double Number Left Stamp
    • H-6416 Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • H-6416/PL Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • H-6418 Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • H-6418/PL Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • HM-6008 Extra Heavy Duty Self-Inking Stamp
    • HM-6108 Extra Heavy Duty Self-Inking Date Stamp
    • HM-61806 Extra Heavy Duty Self-Inking Date Stamp
    • HM-61808 Extra Heavy Duty Self-Inking Date Stamp
    • HM-6118DD Self-Inking Double Date Stamp
    • HM-6416 Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • HM-6416/PL Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • HM-6418/PL Self-Inking Number Stamp
    • HM-6118DR Self-Inking Date Right Stamp
    • HM-6118DL Self-Inking Date Left Stamp
    • HM-6118NN Self-Inking Double Number Stamp
    • HM-6118NR Self-Inking Number Right Stamp
    • HM-618NL Self-Inking Double Number Left Stamp

      Enjoy the following with all Shiney replacement pads
      • A complete 3 Year warranty
      • Our unique 5000 impression guarantee, which guarantees your ink won’t run dry for 5000 impressions or a full year.
      • Same Day Despatch if ordered before 3 pm AEST
      • Free Shipping on orders over $99
      • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      Verify correct fit using the product code printed in the base of the original pad, see how here 


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